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Debt Management

Employees with debt will most certainly bear the brunt of any further economic hardship, as prices and the cost of servicing debt rise faster than their earnings. The question is, what can these employees do about it? Some may argue there is nothing they can do about it, we disagree. We think if we can change how the employee responds to these challenges, they will have a far better chance, than if they do nothing at all.

Our Debt Management Workshop covers the following topics:

  • Why am I in debt?
  • What is a budget?
  • How do I manage my debt?
  • Knowing my debt
  • Priorotising my debt
  • A simple and effective debt repayment plan
  • Implications of being blacklisted
  • Micro loans & micro leaders
  • Garnishee orders
  • What is debt administration?
  • Arranging with creditors

July 07 2017 By Noble Wealth Management


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