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Pre and Post Retirement

According to Sanlam, research undertaken into South Africa's retirement industry, clearly shows that employers can play a far greater role in addressing the country's growing retirement crisis. This is because employers have the infrastructure to communicate with employees, and are well positioned to advise employees on their choices when joining their fund.

By making a commitment to starting a few simple initiatives, employers can play a significant role in resolving the country's retirement savings crisis. Depending on the requirement, we offer various pre and post retirement workshops to employees. We either offer a short course or a more comprehensive workshop.

Both workshops cover the following topics:

  • Why you need to save for retirement
  • Understanding your retirement 
  • How you think about your retirement
  • You and your corporate retirement fund
  • Personal retirement planning
  • All about annuities
  • Retirement & retirement tax
  • Rethinking retirement
  • Life after retirement

July 07 2017 By Noble Wealth Management Retirement


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