About Us

While one cannot discount the importance of portfolio performance and investment returns, we are first and foremost about relationships.

In this fast-paced world of extreme consumerism and instant gratification where the bottom line seems to be the only thing that matters; where clients are more often than not reduced to a per-hour profitability number; where terms such as 'big fish', 'small fry', 'pay dirt', 'targets', and 'prospects' abound, who can blame people for viewing financial planners with a healthy dose of scepticism and contempt?

In today's world, the only real value placed on a financial planning or wealth management practice, is the value of clients' assets under management. Very little value, if any, is placed on genuine client satisfaction.

More now than ever before, financial planning practices are being advised to adopt a per-hour advice fee model. We feel this model of remuneration may be flawed in that both advisor and client would be focused on the time and fees for each consultation, rather than allowing for a relationship to develop and flourish over time.

We are proud to say that we have long-standing relationships with our clients, and in many cases, have intergenerational relationships where we are offering advice and guidance to the children and grandchildren of our clients.