Alan Griffith

Retired, Managing Director, Konica Minolta South Africa/CEO Bidvest Office Automation

Robert Weedman has been managing my investment portfolio for the past 20 years or more and he has always done so very professionally. He is very reliable and incredibly trustworthy, and has always managed my portfolio cognisant of my stage of life. Anybody wishing to use the services of Robert Weedman and the new Noble Wealth company that he has created, can do so secure in the knowledge that they will be taken care of properly.

Judy Mcleish

Retired, PPC General Manager - IT

Robert was our corporate's choice to assist their retirees over this chasm. He takes a personal interest in each client, showing compassion when it is necessary, and always brings a 'human touch' to the business relationship. His advice remains excellent.

Ashleigh Montgomery

Grp Rem & Ben Specialist, PPC Ltd Sandton

PPC has been dealing with Rob and his team since 2007. They are truly interested in their client's needs, circumstances and preferences. Rob and his team also took the time to get a feeling for where our staff were at, their depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and systematic comprehensive approach. They are professional, ethical and their caring demeanour elicits our trust and respect.

Bernice Grusd

Marketing Manager: Oncology Solid Tumours at Roche Pharmaceutical

Percy is an expert in his field. He is dedicated and dependable and provides an individualised service. He communicates regularly, providing updates and tailored solutions aligned to market dynamics.

Jacob Swart

PPC Staff

The financial seminar gave me an idea on how to achieve my goals and make life easier for my family.

Martha Kekana

PPC Staff

The most simple and understandable financial advising I have ever had.

Mr and Mrs Falconer

Retired, PPC Mechanical Draftsman

Thank you to Mr Robert Weedman and Mrs Linda Kruger for their assistance in helping us with our investment portfolios. We are truly happy in the manner in which they have conducted matters for us and thank them for always being willing to assist when called upon.

Nengovhela Hendrick

PPC Staff

The workshop taught me how to manage my monthly income. This has been a challenge for me, and I feel the training session was a million-dollar opportunity that will help me keep my financial plan healthy.

Nicky Vakaloudis

‎CEO at SOJO Business & Tourism

Cassandra tackles a task with insight and enthusiasm, always providing a sound solution and willing to go the extra mile. She is a brilliant team player and a true example for many to follow. Her trust ethics are commendable in all areas of her life.

Phindile Ntuane

Executive Assisstant to Managing Director

Excellent and well-pitched presentation. Robert can really relate practically to the audience and makes the topic easy to understand. Will present what I've learnt to my family members to assist them.

Ruth Lurie

Freelance Marketing Copywriter

Percy Gosher has been my financial advisor for over twenty years. He is risk conscious, efficient and has an astute understanding of economic markets and the factors that impact on investments. As a result, my investments have achieved above average returns. I have had absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to members of my family, all of whom have reaped the rewards of his sound financial advice.

Stella Adams

Retired, Creditors Supervisor at Edcon

I never trusted financial advisors because I thought they were in it for themselves, but Robert proved to me what integrity and loyalty means, and for that I am thankful. Not only has he taken care of my investments, but he has invested so much of himself for me and my family emotionally. I look forward to many more years and regular visits.

Tracy Purto

Head Scientist at Trace Elements

Percy has worked alongside 3 generations within my family starting with my grandparents. He has helped me make the right decisions when it comes to financial planning, and is someone I trust. Percy acts with honesty and integrity, is also highly knowledgeable and stays up to date with the latest products available. He consistently looks for ways to improve on the cover that I have, but at the same time saving me money.