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Competitive Cash Products To Suit Your Savings Needs

Competitive Cash Products To Suit Your Savings Needs - Noble Wealth Management

Noble Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd has partnered with Investec to offer you cash solutions that can be tailored to meet your savings needs. Using Investec’s Corporate Cash Manager (CCM), an innovative and secure online banking system, we ensure your money continuously works hard for you while giving you access and flexibility at highly competitive rates.

Why choose CCM?

  • The Benefits of Corporate Cash Manager
    Efficient – open accounts, transact and invest on behalf of clients
    Easy to use – the system is simple and user friendly
    Saves you time – reduces your need to interact with the bank
    Convenient – internet access anywhere, anytime
    Paperless – emailing of statements, IT3b’s and account confirmations

  • You earn money
    Rates – offer your clients competitive interest rates
    Admin fees – generate income for administering clients’ funds
    Flexibility – structure your admin fee to suit your needs
    No costs – pay no fees on standard transactions
    Control – retain control of your client funds

  • Support and Security
    Dedication – our team will assist you in operating the system effectively
    Key information – online reports and full audit trail of all transactions
    Peace of mind – world-class security features secure your clients’ funds
    Compliance – the system enables compliance with the relevant regulations
    Security – select user access rights and authorisation levels

  • Competitive Rates
    You decide how you structure your fees
    We do not charge for standard transactions, enabling you to generate an income
    from your service

Investec CCM has a range of cash investment products that can be tailored to meet your savings needs.

For individuals:
- Savings account with immediate access to your funds
- Premium prime-linked interest rate, applies to balances of up to R25 million
- Additional deposits can be made anytime

For individuals and entities:
Call accounts
- Immediate access to funds
- Competitive prime-linked call rate

CCM Call Money Fund
- Money market related interest rate, approximating the average of the top four qualifying South African retail money market funds*
- Funds are available on call
- The aggregate balance of all the client’s accounts which are linked to money market funds cannot exceed R25 million
- This product is limited to individuals, private trusts and small to medium-sized enterprises

Notice Plus Deposit
- Notice periods: 15, 32, 45, 60, 90 and 120 days
- Immediate withdrawal access: 0% – 50%, in 10% increments
- Competitive prime-linked rate offering a combination of period and percentage instant access
- If you do not place notice on your funds for 30 days, your applicable interest rate will increase by 0.10% (only applicable to balances of R10 000 or more and not applicable to the 15-day notice option)

CCM Money Fund Notice Deposit
- Money market related interest rates that approximate the performance of the average of the top four qualifying South African retail money market funds*, with an additional fixed differential of 0.20% or 0.25% determined by the combined choice of notice period and liquidity percentage period.
- Notice period: 32 or 60 days, with immediate withdrawal access of 30% or 50% respectively
- Minimum deposit of R10 000 with a maximum of R25 million per client

Fixed deposits
- Term deposits ranging from 7 days to 5 years, offering attractive rates
- Minimum deposit amount of R5 000
LiquidFixed deposit
- Receive a competitive prime-linked rate, offering a combination of period and percentage instant access
- Choosing your desired level of access up to a maximum of 50% in 10% increments
- Select the term you require from one month to five years in 1 month increments
- Minimum deposit of R5 000

To benefit from the right solution for your savings needs, please contact any of our Wealth Managers.

* Qualifying criteria that the Investec CCM Money Fund pricing is derived from: South African retail money market funds; a fund size of R1 billion or more; and less than 25% invested in corporate debt Fund selection criteria are subject to change and the number of ranked funds may change from time to time. Investec accepts no responsibility for changes in the fund size or fund rankings.

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